About This 3-Hour Live Training (via Zoom)

In this live, interactive, and dynamic training, social workers, educators, & other practitioners will learn how to implement The Poetry LAB, a groupwork model in their school or community.

Upon registration, participants will get immediate access to the 150 Poetry LAB Curriculum (PDF).

Practitioners will learn how to integrate the therapeutic use of poetry group work with youth as a way to support the social & emotional health and well-being of teens. .

Practitioners will learn how to employ the therapeutic use of poetry (or music, theater, poetry, dance, or other artistic forms) as therapeutic tools to help initiate change and support healing, growth, personal insight, and interpersonal connection with both youth and adults.

Why This Training is for You

There is a significant body of research that demonstrates that guided therapeutic writing has a positive impact on physical and mental health. The therapeutic use of writing can include poetry, journaling, songwriting, poetry therapy, and bibliotherapy. Expressive arts therapies (dance, music, poetry, psychodrama) combine psychology and the creative process to promote emotional growth and healing.

This training is useful for those who work with children or adults in schools and various educational and community settings. This training is especially intended for those who have an interest or experience utilizing group work as a means of providing therapeutic support. Those who work only with individuals will find practical applications as well. This training will focus on a specific model the instructor designed and calls The Poetry LAB.

This workshop has been approved for 3 CEUS by the Minnesota Board of Social Workers.

What You'll Learn

In this training, participants will:

  • Learn about & define poetry therapy, bibliotherapy, and expressive arts

  • Understand origins of poetry therapy as an approach to mental health

  • Consider research regarding the positive impact of therapeutic writing

  • Focus on the therapeutic use of poetry with adolescents

  • Learn how to employ the therapeutic use of poetry to foster interpersonal connections, initiate positive change, and support healing, growth, self-awareness, and personal insight

  • Learn how to implement The Poetry LAB model

  • Learn how the Poetry LAB model was successfully implemented in a large urban school district

  • Participate in a simulated Poetry LAB writing group

  • Explore other relevant contexts & applications where therapeutic writing is effective

The Poetry LAB Curriculum PDF - (&) - Zoom Link + Podcast Link

*Find Podcast Link & Zoom link in Module 1* (&) *Find PDF Downloadable Curriculum in Module 1*

    1. The Poetry LAB Curriculum & Training: Live Training Date, Time, & Zoom Link

    2. The Poetry LAB Curriculum & Student Writing Pages (PDF Download) - Available Immediately upon Registration

3 CEUS + PDF of Curriculum + Podcast Episode + Zoom Link

  • $100.00

Meet Your Training Instructor

Mary Tinucci, LICSW, DSW

Mary Tinucci is a clinical social worker & supervisor in private practice in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Through her private practice, Think in Possibilities, she provides clinical supervision for social workers pursuing next-level social work licensure in Minnesota. She also provides coaching for personal well-being, and career coaching for social workers throughout the United States who are exploring the next steps in their career development.

Mary is a full-time Core Faculty in the MSW Program of the Barbara Solomon School of Social Work Program at Walden University. She has 34 years of social work practice and supervision experience, most of which was rooted in the St. Paul Public Schools (1991-2015). She has been a social work educator for 19 years, teaching in BSW and MSW programs at St. Catherine University/University of St. Thomas, Walden University, and Simmons College.

She has particular expertise, interests, and belief in the power of groupwork as an effective method of practice in social work. She is committed to identifying clear purpose & implementing intentional practices in group work, meeting facilitation, program and team development, and supervision.

What People Are Saying about Mary's Trainings

Evaluation Feedback from Past Training Participants

I had the honor and opportunity to attend your workshop called, The Therapeutic Use of Poetry and Spoken Word: A Creative Approach to Social Work Practice with Adolescents. I loved every part of the training! I wish we had more time in the session. I loved your approach to working with the youth and I hope one day I can create a program similar to The Poetry LAB.

You have definitely given me a new perspective on spoken word and poetry and I cannot wait to implement your approach when I am in the field. I just wanted to say thank you for inspiring me to be creative in my social work practice.


“I love how passionate you are about all you do.  I really enjoyed your presentation and how you demonstrated ways to reach the youth in new ways.”


“Literally, from the moment you introduced your first activity, I felt a relief. Attending your session about The Poetry LAB was very inspiring and it reminded me of my purpose and passion for working with adolescents.  Thank you for inspiring me and giving me the gift of poetry as a tool. I look forward to incorporating poetry in my future practices.”


"Dr. Tinucci, your session on poetry as therapy was life-changing for me. I am so excited to take poetry, spoken word performance, and group work into my social work practice with teens.”